The primary goal of TompaPont is to make it easier to receive and store packages, but also to provide the opportunity to rent a warehouse. TompaPont also has a parking lot, which is suitable for parking both passenger cars and trucks (TIR). We also provide services to guard passenger vehicles. We have expanded our services by loading and unloading goods, using forklifts.
Receive packages from any EU courier company
Storage unit renting
Car parking
Truck (TIR) ​​parking
Possibility of forklift usage
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About Us

TompaPont - behind whose idea stands Antal Oravecz - was created to solve the problematic process of package collection in Tompa. Thanks to the package collection point, it is significantly easier to receive shipments from all courier services from the EU. TompaPont also offers other services to its clients, such as car parking or warehouse rental, which is extremely important in the case of border settlements.


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  • Oravecz Antal
  • Szabadföld tanya 7, 6422 Tompa

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